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  • Hello,

    I am want to provide a drawbot script to a client that allows them to execute and choose from a variety of image filters to apply to the canvas. Each image filter comes with distinct settings, and I've encountered difficulty in implementing a dropdown/radio input mechanism that dynamically updates the inputs within the drawbot control UI. Let's say I have filter A and B, filter A has settings M N O and filter B has just settings X Y. If it's not possible, I would just split the image filters into individual files.

    Thanks, Jan

  • I don’t believe it’s possible with DrawBot’s Variables.

    It might be possible to use DrawBot with Vanilla and create your own interface, but I have no first hand experience with that.

    Also, the example script on that page does only work for me if I add this at the top:

    from PyObjCTools import AppHelper

    and this at the bottom:


  • @monomonnik thanks for the idea! It seems like too much custom work for the given budget. I think I will just split it into individual files then. But good to know it might be possible to do, hopefully will use that in some other project

  • admin

    Variable is not build to be a dynamic UI, but can use a drawBot package to share your code with others and build your own vanilla interface ->

  • on the end I did my own UI and it worked fantastic, thanks for the great work!

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