trim box in pdfs

  • hello,
    Whenever I place a pdf in InDesign I get the error message:
    'Cannot crop to trim box. Either the trim box is not defined, or is empty'.

    Is there a way to include a trimbox in the pdfs saved from Drawbot or is this InDesign related?
    thanks j

  • Hi @jo,

    I don’t have an answer or solution, but maybe there is a way to circumvent the error message.

    When I place a Drawbot pdf in InDesign I don’t get an error. If I place a pdf with ‘Show Import Options’ checked, the Crop to: options is pre-selected to ‘Media’.

    Maybe your selection is set to ‘Trim’, and the error message will disappear when you change that?

    Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 13.36.05.png

  • @monomonnik thanks, yes that is how i 'solved' it but when doing that with several files it gets a bit tedious. not a big deal but maybe it is can be easily stored during the export in drawbot.

  • admin

    tried it a long time ago... didnt got it to work for some reason, so support for trim and bleed is set on hold:

    if you got any idea to get it to work with quartz pdf context, let me know 🙂

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