Drawbot Preferences

  • Hi! Just wanted to ask where DrawBot stores its preferences. I looked in ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application support and couldn't find anything.

    Not that there's a lot of preferences, but I'm setting up a new Mac and I'd love not to have to set all my colors by hand. Also it'd be nice to share with others.

    I have them set up the same as RoboFont and SublimeText and my terminal etc… I'm just fuzzy like that.

  • @rohernandezz You don’t have ~/Library/Preferences/com.drawbot.plist ?

  • How the fork did I not see this yesterday! It's there, copied it over and my colors are back. Thanks @monomonnik!

    I (think) I searched for "drawbot" inside the ~/Library folder and nothing came up, but I must've been searching in the wrong directory or something 🤷🏻♀

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