Manipulating points

  • Hello guys,
    I want to try some point manipulation in DrawBot. I have used bezier paths before but it seems like it is very unclear how to start it all.

    In short I have a drawn font and I want to:

    • Load a letter or a string into Drawbot (or work directly in Glyphs)
    • Select the specific points I want to manipulate
    • Move them around while keeping the curve smooth

    Here I attach a gif of what I have in mind as the end result:


    ā€“ Can I label specific points from Glyphs to access them easily later?
    ā€“ Perhaps there is already something similar asked in the forum but I didn't find it. Can you reference it here?

    thank you!

  • admin

    I dont know Glyhps šŸ™‚ but you can always do this in RoboFont with point labels!!!

  • Hi @frederik, thanks, I got RoboFont now and labelled them, but how can I references them.

    What method could find the labelled points in an array of points?

    If I use:

    for points in srcShape.points:

    I get all points (x, y), but they have no 'label' attribute.

  • admin

    you can get point labels in RoboFont with:

    glyph = CurrentGlyph()
    for contour in glyph:
        for point in contour.points:

  • Great, that makes sense. Is it also possible in DrawBot directly? I would like to animate it with other letters later.

  • @michelangelo you can use DrawBot inside RoboFont with the DrawBot extension

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