@justvanrossum thanks so much! For anyone else trying this, for some reason I was getting an error when I had from fontTools.pens.recordingPen import RecordingPen error was ImportError: No module named recordingPen Perhaps because recordingPen.py isn't in the version of fontTools packaged with RoboFont? Anyway, I just copy/pasted the whole RecordingPen code from fontTools into my script: from fontTools.pens.basePen import AbstractPen class RecordingPen(AbstractPen): """Pen recording operations that can be accessed or replayed. The recording can be accessed as pen.value; or replayed using pen.replay(otherPen). Usage example: ============== from fontTools.ttLib import TTFont from fontTools.pens.recordingPen import RecordingPen glyph_name = 'dollar' font_path = 'MyFont.otf' font = TTFont(font_path) glyphset = font.getGlyphSet() glyph = glyphset[glyph_name] pen = RecordingPen() glyph.draw(pen) print(pen.value) """ def __init__(self): self.value = [] def moveTo(self, p0): self.value.append(('moveTo', (p0,))) def lineTo(self, p1): self.value.append(('lineTo', (p1,))) def qCurveTo(self, *points): self.value.append(('qCurveTo', points)) def curveTo(self, *points): self.value.append(('curveTo', points)) def closePath(self): self.value.append(('closePath', ())) def endPath(self): self.value.append(('endPath', ())) def addComponent(self, glyphName, transformation): self.value.append(('addComponent', (glyphName, transformation))) def replay(self, pen): replayRecording(self.value, pen) and now I can run the script that Just wrote above. Thanks again!