Writing code across multiple files

  • I’m having issues importing code from one file into another. I have a file, blob.py, which contains a class Blob. Blob has a method called draw, which contains the line fill(*self.color).

    In another file, post.py, I want to use Blobs, so I included from blob import Blob. When I run post.py in DrawBot, I get an error when I call Blob.draw, saying that the name fill is not defined. Why is this? How can I get files to know about DrawBot functionality when they are not directly run within DrawBot?

  • In blob.py, import Drawbot with:

    import drawBot

    When you use a Drawbot function in blob.py, add ‘drawBot’ before the function:


  • Thank you, that fixed it!
    It seems like I need to quit and reopen DrawBot for any changes in blob.py to be seen — is there any easier way?

  • You can reload the module by using reload(). See an example in this post of @gferreira in this (highly relevant) topic Import python file.

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