How to stop (Kill) an accidental infinite loop without force quitting?

  • Every now and then, I will do a bone-headed thing like create an infinite loop that causes Drawbot (python) to give me the spinning ball of death until I have to force quit to stop the process. Unfortunately, this also deletes any unsaved progress in open documents. Most Python environments in my experience have some sort of key command that will break, kill, or otherwise end Python's infinite loop and allow you to go back to editing without losing work. Is there such a command in Drawbot? I have not found anything anywhere that mentions it. I save my work often now because of this, but it seems like something that would have been considered during app development.

    Does anyone know a solution to ending the Drawbot process without losing work? Many thanks in advance.

  • admin

    cmd + . works in a pre 10.14 OSs...

    DrawBot saves your code in a the prefs: with this key: DrawBotCodeBackup. On every startup DrawBot checks this key, if there is something it will open a new window with the stored code.

    This could be more visible like saving to disk when it goes bogus...

    there is already an issue open for this:

  • @frederik awesome, thank you!

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