Empty font properties. Cache?

  • Hi! I’m running into what seems to be a bug: some font properties are not showing up as expected, even with this bare minimum code:

    fontPath = '/...’
    print(font(fontPath)) # returns the font name
    print(listFontVariations(fontPath)) # returns variations
    print(listNamedInstances(fontPath)) # None
    print(listOpenTypeFeatures(fontPath)) # None

    I’m using a script for proofing, and that started happening after some font re-exporting. What helps is moving the font into a different folder or restarting the laptop, but then it breaks again. Seems like a cache issue to me; is that a thing in Drawbot? Any recommendations please? 🙂

  • admin

    mm, strange... listNamedInstances must return a dict and listOpenTypeFeatures a list even if the font has no instances or features

    could you provide a dummy font? (offlist: frederik@typemytype.com)

  • admin

    which version of DrawBot are you using?

    is this happening inside the app or when you use DrawBot as a module?

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