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  • I was hoping to find a way to use drawbot to create a minimal, typographic QR code.

    I saw this post: https://forum.drawbot.com/topic/274/qrcodegenerator-size-message?_=1647813283414

    which uses apple's QRCodeGenerator and converts the image to pixels. I was hoping to do something more like ASCII art, so I could use my own typeface for the squares.

    I found this library: https://github.com/lincolnloop/python-qrcode
    which takes an argument --ascii

    qr --ascii "Some data" > "test.txt"

    and that outputs as box drawing characters (not actually ASCII) to represent 2 lines at a time. Eg. it uses U+2588 █, U+x2580 ▀, or U+2584 ▄. But this isn't quite what I'm looking for.

    What I would like to do is instead parse this same data into single lines (not double) and represent it with something like /H and /space, or ⬛ and ▢. But I'm struggling to figure this one out. Has anyone here done something like this? Or have any suggestions? Even better if I can isolate out the corner finder patterns separately (see attached example)

    Thanks so much!

    qr text example

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    expanding Gustavo's example:

    import colorsys
    path = bytes('http://www.drawbot.com/', 'utf-8')
    w, h = 31, 31
    s = 10
    size(w*s, h*s)
    img = ImageObject()
    img.QRCodeGenerator((w, h), path, 'Q')
    iw, ih = img.size()
    t = ""
    for y in reversed(range(int(ih))):
        for x in range(int(iw)):
            r, g, b, a = imagePixelColor(img, (x, y))
            _, l, _ = colorsys.rgb_to_hls(r, g, b)
            if l < 0.51:
                rect(x*s, y*s, s, s)
                t += "W"
                t += " "
        t += "\n"
    font("Menlo", 16)
    textBox(t, (0, 0, width(), height()))

    and the corners are always the same 🙂

  • @frederik this works, thanks so much!

  • Hello fellow Drawboteers
    I'm also trying to generate some QR-Codes. And these two posts already helped me get on the right track.

    But now I can't figure out how to create a more complex QR-Code for a longer string (with 57x57 grid). I don't understand the relation between string-length and the specified "w, h" variables. Given the example on Apple Developer it should be possible to create more complex codes with QRCodeGenerator...

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

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