Set canvas size by inches?

  • I'm trying to create PDFs that are 3x5". I tried setting the canvas to 300x500 which doesn't come out to 3x5" as a printable PDF document. I know there's probably a way to scale the PDF after the fact, but it would save me a lot of time to be able to set the paper size accurately from the very beginning. Does anyone know how to do this?

    If nothing else knowing the points to inches ratio could help me set my canvas to a size close to 3x5".

    Thank you!

  • admin

    1 inch is 72 points...

    this should do it!

    widthInInches = 3
    heightInInches = 5
    newPage(widthInInches * 72, heightInInches * 72)

  • Ah excellent! Makes sense... 72 dpi and all

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