Remove overlap on variable font

  • Hello, first time posting, as I am only just starting out with DrawBot, so forgive me please if this question is easily answered. So far, I have been unable to find out how to solve this.

    I am using a variable font and want to use draw it with a stroke and no fill, which works fine. As it is a variable font, the paths are of course overlapping. Is there a way to remove this overlap visually in DrawBot? Thanks!

  • admin

    You can convert it to a bezier path and apply remove overlap, but I guess its much easier to draw it twice: once with a stroke and the second time with only a fill with the same color as the background.

  • Hi, thanks a lot for the suggestion. Sadly, for my specific idea, the latter won't work, as I want to overlay multiple outlines of letters. I will try the first option. Thank you!

  • Sorry, I don't seem to be able to find out how to convert a text object to a bezier path. Could you tell me, please? I would be very much obliged! Thank you!

  • admin

    good luck! it will be slow to apply remove overlap to a lot of text

    # create a fromatted string
    t = FormattedString()
    # set a font
    # set a font size
    # set colors
    # print out all variation settings for the current font
    # set some variation settings
    # add text
    t += "Hello"
    # draw the fromatted string into a text box
    textBox(t, (10, 10, 300, 250))
    # create a bezierPath
    path = BezierPath()
    # draw the formatted string into the bezier path
    # this will now be a path instead of text and a font
    path.textBox(t, (10, 10, 300, 250))
    # apply remove overlap
    # set color 
    # move the page a bit
    translate(300, 0)
    # draw the path 

  • Thank you very much! Since I have you here already, instead of opening a new thread, is there a way to clear a single character from a string? so far, I have only been able to utilise

    txt = FormattedString("Hello")
    txt.append(" World")

    But not, for instance,

    txt.clear(" World").

    in order to remove specific characters (by index, preferably). Is there some way of achieving this? Thank you!

  • admin

    you can slice a formattedString and keep the formatting:

    txt = FormattedString()
    txt += "hello World"
    sub = txt[0:5]

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