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  • There is some code which I use over and over again (create pages, some variables,…). For this reason, I created a template that I load in when starting a project. It would be nice if DrawBot had the option to load a template at the start, so that useful code is immediately loaded?

    My suggestion would be a new tab in the options window, and then a field where users can paste code for their template. I would love to hear others' opinion about this 🙂

  • admin

    You could create a python module by saving a .py with your template code, containing def's and class's in the external script folder: '~/Library/Application Support/DrawBot/Python3.7'. For example save it as myTemplates.py with a code like def myPageMaker()...

    Inside drawBot you can import your module by the filename of the module: from myTemplates import myPageMaker.

    Hope this makes sense

    good luck!

  • @frederik This makes sense. Thanks!

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