DrawBot 3.122 is released

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    • Adding bezierPath.expandStroke(width, lineCap="round", lineJoin="round", miterLimit=10) (thanks to Bahman Eslami)

    • Improved internal OpenType feature tags setting

    • Improved complex formattedString type setting

    • Improved alignment with text() and FormattedString

    • Added a DrawBot frontend for pip/PyPI to make it super easy to install third-party packages: see menu Python -> Install Python Packages...


    • Fixed text stroke behavior (but is a breaking change): strokeWidth on text no longer scales with the fontSize

    • Removed support for .mov export on 10.15 and up (QTKit is no longer supported there)

    • Fixed extracting single frames from .gif files

    • Improved setup.py, so drawbot-as-a-module can be easily installed with pip using a github URL

    • All test now run on Travis CI (and soon also on GitHub Actions)

    • Removed Python 2 code

    • Many small issues were fixed

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