Writing / debugging processes

  • I was reading @ThunderNixon's post and had some questions about working on larger scripts in an external editor.

    What is a good way to write and debug scripts for DB/RF in an external editor? Is it even possible to debug those scripts outside of their environments? For example, some classes and functions like CurrentFont(), moveTo(), etc. are not recognized outside of DB/RF. I've also tried to add RF module paths to a .pth file, but I'm not sure all of it works.

    If it's not possible to debug RF/DB scripts outside their respective apps, what are some good processes/strategies to test and debug, especially larger scripts (and those that involve multiple modules)? Usually I've just been writing in VS Code and switching to DB/RF to run the scripts, but I'm wondering if there are better ways?

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    for DrawBot it is easy: install it as a module and you can use DrawBot as a package and write code anywhere.

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