Drawbot no longer working after upgrading to Catalina

  • I have installed drawbot as both a module and as a standalone app (as I did in the previous OS) but now neither seem to be working. I’ve done a clean install of python (3.7.4) and both drawbots and am getting a string of errors that seem to show up whenever a text() is used.

    Here’s an example of some of it (I can paste it all if that would be helpful:

    File "drawBot/drawBotDrawingTools.pyc", line 1623, in text
      File "drawBot/drawBotDrawingTools.pyc", line 1785, in textBox
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 2351, in clippedText
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 1203, in __getitem__
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 930, in __init__
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 938, in _setAttribute
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 1377, in openTypeFeatures
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 1391, in listOpenTypeFeatures
      File "drawBot/misc.pyc", line 362, in wrapper
      File "drawBot/context/tools/openType.pyc", line 509, in getFeatureTagsForFontName
      File "drawBot/context/tools/openType.pyc", line 495, in getFeatureTagsForDescriptions
      File "objc/_convenience_mapping.pyc", line 18, in __getitem__objectForKey_
      File "objc/_convenience.pyc", line 101, in container_unwrap
    KeyError: 'CTFeatureSelectorIdentifier'

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    CTFeatureSelectorIdentifier is not available anymore on 10.15, let me check

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    get a pre-release version here http://static.typemytype.com/drawBot/DrawBot10.15.dmg

    see the pull request on github to see the changes and follow up the discussion

  • Great—thank you so much!

  • Any chance the Robofont Extension will be updated as well?

  • @frederik I installed the pre-release version but some (OpenType) features don’t seem to work.

    I did a test with this basic script:

    I have the following error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<untitled>", line 9, in <module>
      File "drawBot/context/baseContext.pyc", line 1772, in appendGlyph
    AttributeError: module 'drawBot.context.tools.openType' has no attribute 'featureMap'

    And of course it worked perfectly few days ago on my office computer (not upgraded to Catalina).


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    This has been fixed upstream. Will try to built a fresh release after the weekend

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