stuck in the code

  • Hello World :::-)

    Let me explain... I know nothing about code or coding.
    As a graphic designer i am familiar with vector path, and i use to know some basics in html and css - just enough to have had a glimpse at the beauty of code, once upon a time late at night. Then i stumbled upon the drawbot app and id seems like the time has come for me to learn something new. Coding animations with drawbot/python.
    I looked at the nice works you guys creating, played with your shared codes and had some succsess. I love to learn stuff by myself.
    Soon i realised, that my recent all-pink procreate doodles probably can be animated. I found a nice Blob animation and somehow managed to create my own blob, with bits and parts of code. Have a look at my instagram:


    i turned the blob into my signature letter/character "H" and everthing seemed to be allright...


    ...and now it seems like i`m stuck - no more succsess, no more progression. I really dont like to share my beginner-codes, but maybe i have to do it.

    i wrote that all, to let you know what my goals are - it is not possible to write down every single question i have. I try to dance my name, somehow. :::-)

    I know, that several parts of my codes are useless, i figured out, that i dont need to import math and many other things. Altough, i havent managed yet, to fit the "counters" (holes) into my blob, to make it look like this:


    i managed to create two "counters/holes", and they even move, but they act like two little blobs, instead of being "clipped" to the movement of the main blob.


    i know, for you guys this must be a terrible mess - please be kind!

    thanks in andvance, greetings from switzerland
    tobias aka. habakuk

    edit: sorry, i posted in the wrong forum - this used to be in the "general discussion"

  • ...beneath the "counter/holes" i am trying hard, to animate each cornerpoint (off line point) of the qcurve-path seperatly, to get e more irregular movement. I am open to every new inspiration from you guys, thanks in advance.