Animation pipeline, from DrawBot to AfterEffects

  • Hello! I recently put together a tutorial based on how I make animations with a combination of DrawBot, After Effects, and a small library I wrote called furniture.

    Link to tutorial:

    This is not really a general-purpose tutorial on animating in DrawBot, since I’m usually working with some specific constraints (like viewing the animation in time to audio playback), but I thought someone on the DrawBot forum might find it useful, particularly the concept of the storyboard that I use when writing animations in the DrawBot app itself, and the concept of an animation callback (both discussed in the tutorial).

    I’d also love feedback on the tutorial, particularly if some if it seems confusing, misleading, or misinformed.

    And a big thank you to the DrawBot authors for such an awesome piece of software!

  • admin

    The tutorial is awesome! Really cool to see the usage of DrawBot from the perspective of an animator!